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A Link between Geologic/Reservoir and Finite Element Simulator Grids

GeoTOOL® is a software package developed by FEM Engineering AS which converts geologic / reservoir simulator grids into Finite Element Grids for the purpose of preparing 3D stress maps of oil and gas reservoirs. The GeoTOOL® software not only makes the necessary conversions to the cell and code formats required for Finite Element Modeling, but it also allows the operator to generate the additional complexes of cells required to model fault zones with precision. In addition, GeoTOOL® will generate the necessary grids of enclosing cells to enable stress map models to be run effectively on Finite Element Simulators. Investigators have full control over input parameters. These can be modified to obtain optimal fits between operational information and the model outputs. Such modified grids can also be sent back to the original reservoir simulator to be incorporated in further studies of the flow behavior.

Recently, GeoTOOL® has been used in the preparation of grids to simulate the kinematics history of reservoirs, thereby making it feasible to pinpoint possible subseismic structures (faults, fractures) which may affect reservoir behavior.

GeoTOOL® has been applied with impressive success to reservoir / geology simulators such as ECLIPSE and IRAP RMS. The GeoTOOL® technology dramatically reduces the time involved in generating stress maps of reservoirs from reservoir simulator outputs and brings interactive geomechanical simulations of productive reservoirs within the range of operational feasibility. It is software that will be welcome by the next generation of reservoir modelers.

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