FEM Engineering AS
Leiv Eiriksson Senter
P.O.Box 1239 Pirsenteret
N-7462 Trondheim

TLF: +47 73546420
FAX: +47 73546425



FEM Engineering performs consultant work within all kind of land-based and mechanical industries. Our engineers use the latest hi-tech hardware / software to evaluate machinery. Algor® is used to run FEM-Analysis on all kind of products.

Some of our latest projects:

  • Part of a connection rod from big ship diesel engine. The whole model was meshed with 8-node brick elements.
  • Cylinder rack for lifting CO2 cylinders. Various designs were analyzed. This is a beam model. The stresses are N/mm2.
  • LNG / LN Pipe system with insulation. The insulation construction are developed with use of FEM Analysis.
  • LNG Cargo Tank Insulation. Insulation and anchor pins constructed using FEM Analysis.